Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for your parent & child groups?

We recommend that your child is at least 18 months when you start with us. However, we strongly believe that our groups are for the benefit of both children and adults and if you would love to attend when your child is younger, please feel free to do so but be aware that some of our equipment is more suitable for older children.

For Rococo Garden Sprites we recommend that children are confident walkers.


Can I bring a younger sibling?

Absolutely! My youngest daughter accompanied me to Little Owls from a week old and we have had a considerable number of other baby siblings throughout the years. It is possible to bring an offroad type buggy or just carry baby in a sling if you can.


Can I bring a buggy?

Yes, absolutely. At Little Owls we are mainly in one place (with the exception of our termly walk) and a buggy might serve as a sit or sleep spot. At Sprites, we walk through the Rococo Garden and most of the time finish the session at the farthest point from the exit, so lots of parents with younger children bring either an offroad type buggy or some sort of sling/carrier for the way back.


What do you do when it rains?

We think it is important to experience the world in all (but the most extreme) weathers and so sessions will go ahead even in heavy rain. Waterproof clothing and the right attitude is key - children often don't mind the rain as long as they are warm enough, so try to model a positive attitude. It is absolutely fine to call it a day once you both had enough - the key is to keep it an enjoyable experience even if that means leaving earlier.  

At Little Owls we use a big retractable tarp for shelter. At Sprites, we can rig up tarps or sometimes use the garden bothy.


What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your ticket up to 5 days before the session for a full refund, or transfer it to another session/block for the same value if available; for term tickets this applies to the first session of the block. If you cancel after that, no refund is given.

If I cancel (e.g. due to extreme weather or illness), a full refund for that session is given.


What clothes will I need?

We are outdoors, so please come prepared for the weather. For the Rococo Garden, think what you would wear to go to a park.

At Little Owls, we are a bit higher up in the Cotswolds and it tends to be colder. We are in a slightly 'wilder' woodland and often play with water. We recommend:

  • Long trousers - even in summer to prevent scratches, thorns etc.

  • Waterproof trousers/coat/all-in-one

  • Wellies or strong boots - wellies can often get very cold, especially in winter, and need extra insulation, e.g. extra socks; get in touch if you are in doubt and we are happy to advise you

  • An extra layer of clothing - it is often quite a bit colder up there!

  • Change of clothes

In winter: warm layers, hat, scarf, gloves

Don't forget yourself - we often take everything for our kids and don't remember our own needs!


Can I bring my partner/relative along?

Yes, not a problem at all. There is currently no extra charge at Little Owls to bring one more adult along. At Sprites, your ticket only covers one adult; additional adults are subject to normal Rococo Garden entrance fees payable at the door/through the Rococo Garden website.


Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no.


Can I come for a trial session?

We don't do free trial sessions but you can book on a single session before committing to a term.


Is there a discount for childminders?

Yes, childminders who commit to the term can pay for two children but bring more.


I would love to attend but simply can't afford it.

We strongly believe in the benefits of being out in nature, both for children and for adults. If money is tight but you would love to join us please just get in touch and we can work something out.


How can I keep up to date?

You can sign up to our newsletter here.